Things that black women do that ruin marriage with white men

interracial relationship

Ruining an interracial marriage is the last thing anyone wants to do especially with all the planning and cost that takes place. While men can sometimes be no angels and can do the silliest of things to ruin their marriage, women, on the other hand, can do brings the curtain down on her interracial relationship.

1. Cheating on their white husband: Cheating in one of the worst things a wife can do to her husband and when everything comes to light, there is no going back because it is a big deal breaker. Husbands, in this case, will serve their wives with divorce papers because of the pain this act brings and it is hard to forgive a person who has cheated.

2. Focusing too much on work commitments and not the marriage: It can be tough at times to have a good work/life balance especially if one has a hectic work schedule. If a wife is spending too much time at work and spending little to no time with her husband, it can make the marriage rocky as there is no balance.

3. Using sex as a weapon: There is no denying that when compared to women, men are wired just a bit different and sex is sometimes a way to release some tension. It is physiological need men cannot do without and if a wife is using sex as a weapon to get things her way or to manipulate him, it will cause problems in the marriage because he will feel like he is denying a physical need.

4. Poking fun at him – When a wife is poking fun at her husband, she is slowly chipping away his confidence, she is also giving her family and friend ammunition to poke fun at him as well which isn’t good for any marriage. Since they don’t have the privilege to see what happens between the scenes, the impression they will have of the husband is those provided to them by the wife. They will not look at him the same way and such a negative light on him is enough to ruin the marriage.

5. Unrealistic expectations: Sometimes as people we do set high expectations for ourselves but pushing those expectations onto someone can cause real issues. When a wife does this by projecting her unrealistic expectations on her husband on how she thinks their world should revolve, it can cause the marriage to collapse because there might be things he might strongly disagree with especially if they go against what he believes.

6. Disrespecting their white husband’s thoughts and opinions: Whether a person is right or wrong, they do want their opinions and thoughts to be respected. If a wife rejects her husband’s opinion without giving a thought or digested it, it can make him feel disrespected which can cause the interracial relationship to start falling apart.

7. Not showing any signs of being happy: When a wife spends most of her time pretending to be happy while feeling miserable on the inside can wreck a marriage.