The Angry Black Woman Stereotype

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Our society has made us think that when we date a Black woman, we should be ready to dodge pots and pans thrown at us. The first thing that you hear about dating a Black woman is a hot-tempered woman who will break your car’s windshield and rip off your clothes if she catches you cheating. This stereotype has lingered for so long in America, Hollywood and Press has also gone a long way at promoting this negative stereotype. This brings us to the big question, are these assumptions correct? Certainly no, the whole angry black woman concept is a myth born out of public displays from a few black women.

I must admit some Black women have publicly displayed their anger, but just like every other stereotype, the actions of these few people should not be used to define every Black woman.

So if “angry black women” is a stereotype, who is a black woman? An average black woman is just like every other woman, she gets impressed, she gets irritated, and she gets angry, there’s nothing different about her. Here is what you should know about a Black woman.

She is Loving
A Black woman falls in love; she is loyal, committed, and meek. When a black woman falls in love, she gives her all. A Black woman is brought up to love and cherish her spouse; she gives more and expects less.

Heart Break Affects Her Severely
Because she loves sincerity, she can also be easily affected by heartbreak, she is very emotional and has a frugal heart. If you want to date a black woman, try not to break her heart.

African women are family-oriented, an average black woman wishes to have a life partner and give birth to kids that she can call her own. Her desire to have a family is most likely influenced by her environment or pressure from her family to set up her own home. If you are dating a Black woman, you should be ready to show commitment and let her know that the relationship has prospect, because when she sees you, she sees more than just a spouse but a life partner.

If you date a Black woman, except to be pampered, every Black woman knows how to take good care of her man, all she needs from you is for you to show commitment, and in return she is going to show you that she cares.

A Black woman is brought up to support her man, so she is more likely to give her support in any way that she can. If you are dating, a Black woman, expect both emotional and physical support from her.

If you are looking for a miss independent, start by dating a Black woman. Because she knows how to hustle and take care of her needs.

If you fall in love with a Black woman, it’s a good thing because you will have a chance to enjoy a whole new dating experience, there’s no angry Black woman, Black women are loving and caring.

Things that black women do that ruin marriage with white men

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Ruining an interracial marriage is the last thing anyone wants to do especially with all the planning and cost that takes place. While men can sometimes be no angels and can do the silliest of things to ruin their marriage, women, on the other hand, can do brings the curtain down on her interracial relationship.

1. Cheating on their white husband: Cheating in one of the worst things a wife can do to her husband and when everything comes to light, there is no going back because it is a big deal breaker. Husbands, in this case, will serve their wives with divorce papers because of the pain this act brings and it is hard to forgive a person who has cheated.

2. Focusing too much on work commitments and not the marriage: It can be tough at times to have a good work/life balance especially if one has a hectic work schedule. If a wife is spending too much time at work and spending little to no time with her husband, it can make the marriage rocky as there is no balance.

3. Using sex as a weapon: There is no denying that when compared to women, men are wired just a bit different and sex is sometimes a way to release some tension. It is physiological need men cannot do without and if a wife is using sex as a weapon to get things her way or to manipulate him, it will cause problems in the marriage because he will feel like he is denying a physical need.

4. Poking fun at him – When a wife is poking fun at her husband, she is slowly chipping away his confidence, she is also giving her family and friend ammunition to poke fun at him as well which isn’t good for any marriage. Since they don’t have the privilege to see what happens between the scenes, the impression they will have of the husband is those provided to them by the wife. They will not look at him the same way and such a negative light on him is enough to ruin the marriage.

5. Unrealistic expectations: Sometimes as people we do set high expectations for ourselves but pushing those expectations onto someone can cause real issues. When a wife does this by projecting her unrealistic expectations on her husband on how she thinks their world should revolve, it can cause the marriage to collapse because there might be things he might strongly disagree with especially if they go against what he believes.

6. Disrespecting their white husband’s thoughts and opinions: Whether a person is right or wrong, they do want their opinions and thoughts to be respected. If a wife rejects her husband’s opinion without giving a thought or digested it, it can make him feel disrespected which can cause the interracial relationship to start falling apart.

7. Not showing any signs of being happy: When a wife spends most of her time pretending to be happy while feeling miserable on the inside can wreck a marriage.

BLACK WHITE DATING: Things A Man can do to keep themselves occupied when their special someone is

black women white men dating

It can be difficult to deal with at times being away from a person you love so much, especially if you do so many things as a team. Having girlfriend far away for a certain period of time can be torture and lead to a man feeling down however there are some black women white men dating tips to brighten their mood until their lovers come back in their arms.

1. Send her a quick message
A quick little text message to your girl will certainly brighten up her day and let her know that you miss her so much. Phones these days have evolved so much and they allow you to leave emojis. Make full use of emojis at the end of your text messages to add some spice to it.

2. Chill out with the boys
When you are missing your girlfriend or lover, go and spend some time with your friends. This will do you some good because it will take your mind off missing them. Grab your mobile phone and call some of your closest and arrange to meet up at a bar or a club. The chit chat, the laughers, and smile will help you couple with any anxiety you might have of missing your girlfriend.
3.Voice call or call her for a few minutes
When you miss your girlfriend, be frank with her during a phone call and tell her that you called just because you missed her. This is one of the sweetest things you can do and will certainly brighten up not just your day, but her day as well. We are so lucky to be living in a technological age where we can use things like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facetime, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram to communicate with each other. Use the platform you both feel the most comfortable with a spent a minute or two just to check up on each other.

4. Channel your emotions elsewhere
Missing someone does bring out a wide range of emotions in people and how they channel it is very important. If you feel like you are about to explode because you are missing her so much, try to focus on things that you like the most like writing, playing the guitar, dancing or even painting. Any of these are very good coping mechanisms to help time fly very fast until you see her again.

5. Have a clear idea of the next time you will be together again
If she is at work and doesn’t get home until 8:30 pm for example, just remind yourself that she will be home very soon and fantasize. Have a clear picture of how you intend to spend the evening together and that will turn your frustration of not being together into happy thought of a candlelight dinner, cuddling on the sofa and watching a film or series together. This tip is very helpful for couples who are in a long distance interracial relationship. You can raise the level of anticipation by planning dates you will see other and the thought of being in each other’s arms again will send you to a happy place.

Mixed Race Dating and the Sacrifice of Culture

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Australia doesn’t have a significant race problem.  With a third of its population already in a mixed- race marriage, with grown-up mixed- race children talking about their experiences, it seems the question is no longer one of race, but of culture.

From Date to Mate
Traditional discriminations last a long time.  Although mixed race couples are no longer ostracized from the community or abused in other ways, they may still meet with a few raised eyebrows when they are out together or experience a form of subtle discrimination.  A waiter in a restaurant might address the white person in the couple, ignoring the one with darker skin.  It will be assumed the mother of a baby is the nanny if the mother is dark skinned and the baby is light.

Friends might make thoughtless racial jokes as Australians are a blunt people who do not hold back on what they think is funny because somebody among the group might be offended.   Family members can also be as thoughtless, falling back on stereotypes when addressing the new mixed-race member.  It’s all taken in stride because of the knowledge that overall, conditions have improved enormously for mixed race dating and the thoughtlessness is simply a few traditionalists still holding on to the past.

The Big Drawback
Australia’s problem isn’t biracial dating.  Like Alaska, the Pacific Islands and other areas where there is a large indigenous/ Asian / and white population, the dominant feature is white culture.  For people to succeed in a white society, they must adopt the culture.

Dating a person of a separate race and culture is a long, hard learning process that usually reaps significant rewards.  It’s usually considered a bridge of understanding as the two people begin learning about each other’s beliefs, customs and traditions.  Mixed race marriage, however, often comes with the price of choosing one racial culture over another.

The Mixed Race Voice
Australians have some traits in common; their outdoor enthusiasm, their free-roaming spirit, and their out-spoken views.  Mixed race Australians are searching for their own identity that includes the culture of both their parents.  Many claim to have grown up never truly accepted as white, but never accepted by their other parent’s race, either.
They are Millennials now, and from the generation growing up behind them.  They are searching for a balance.  They feel it’s not enough to be of two races within one culture.  They want the cross-cultural distinction of blended racial values.

Brave New Ideas
The rapidly growing mixed race community will be a strong voice in shaping Australia’s integrated, harmonious future.  Already rated as one of the most peaceful countries in the world, it could lead the way in shaping a new social model that incorporates all its ethnic and religious values for a society that can truly practice its customs and devotions without the necessity of role-modeling itself into white culture.  It began with mixed race dating.  It has evolved into mixed race children who want a place in both worlds.

Misconceptions Black Women Have About White Men

Most black women get into the interracial dating world with certain misconceptions especially regarding white men. White men are often misunderstood largely because no one really takes the time to understand them.

Certain myths are brought on by stereotypes associated with every race especially Caucasians. Here are some common misconceptions that black women have about white men.

White men are not attracted to black women
This is totally untrue and made up misconception that hurts the possibility of many interracial encounters. Most white guys are impressed by a strong independent and loving woman. If they happen to be black, so what?

Black women are passionate, caring and full of zest, and which guy regardless of their race wouldn’t what that? White men enjoy casual conversations with black women and are physically attracted to black women.

This misconception has made black women not notice or understand when white guys are hitting on them. This may cause them to be dismissive and overlook potential suitors.

White men only date white women
When it comes to spouse preference, generally most people are innately attracted to their own race. However this does not mean that it is the case always. A man who out rightly is interested in you will not mind about the color of your skin.

Personality plays a big part in choosing romantic partners so does sense of humor, taste in music or intelligence levels. All these factors are intrinsic and do not depend on race. Thus making it possible for black women can have a loving and fruitful interracial relationships.

Black women are only interested in money
A common misconception perpetuated in society is that black women are only interested in white men because of their perceived wealth. When a mixed couple is dining at a fancy restaurant some people be dismiss the black woman as in it for the money.

This is actually not true as black women are economically empowered and have the right to choose their own partners. This misconception is only unfair on white people as they are looked at as “sugar daddies.” The truth is there are low income white people who struggle everyday like everybody else.
White families will not accept a black wife
What most black women don’t know is it much easier for a white family to accept a non-white in-law than another race. Today more white families are actively advocating for rights of underrepresented groups. Diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront making it more likely for a white family to be supportive when their son brings home a black wife.

Other Misconceptions
White guys can’t dance- This is actually a hilarious one. People often confuse race with culture. Most white guys did not come from a culture where pop/hip hop dance was taught and encouraged.

When it comes to other dance styles, white guys can actually dance pretty well.  A white guy may be more reserved at the dance floor where they are trying to meet women, but don’t think they cannot shake a leg or two!

The Wonderful World of Interracial Dating

interracial dating

A wise man once said “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love: these are what we stay alive for.” As we take on the things of the world, but we must not forget to embrace and enjoy the beauty that love has to offer.
The color of one’s skin should never be a hindrance to a life full of love, joy, and companionship. There is nothing wrong if you like dating outside your own ethnicity.  Interracial relationships help in making the society better in general as different people are brought together by romance and form mixed family. Healthy families raise healthy children no matter the race or culture of the parents.

The desire for a spouse is the biological and social norm or rather a necessity in today’s fast-paced, rat race type of materialistic society. Cities may be throbbing with ever-growing populace but in midst of the milieu is chaos, insecurity, and acute loneliness.

Today’s dating world
Today singles from all races are finding that it’s not as easy as it should be to make meaningful connections with each other. Often, when we feel truly ready to settle down, that special someone is nowhere to be found.

The desire to progress economically for material possessions and to climb social ladder is so intense among people that it is taking a heavy toll of one’s personal, family and spiritual life. In addition, the greatest mal factor is the paucity of time, which keeps one away from healthy recreation and loosens human bondage, which is a must for survival.

Why date outside your race?
Over the last couple of years, society, in general, has embraced interracial relationships. Awkward stares, gazes, and double takes seem like a thing of the past with many people being accustomed to mixed race dating.

From books, movies, and TV, there is a lot of positive content that has been made about interracial relationships and families. Many celebrities are in a relationship with someone of a different race. In fact, the 44th president of the United States of America is a product of interracial marriage. Society has really welcomed this beautiful change.

Perks of dating from a different race
Learning experience. Dating someone from a different race exposes you to cultures that you otherwise might be closed off from. An interracial relationship can be your ticket into an entirely new world of food, culture, and values. Say you’ve always been deeply interested in a certain culture, a partner who so happens to have grown up with such a background can deepen your appreciation for that culture. With the difference in tradition and background, it’s likely that you and your partner share distinct skill sets and personalities to the relationship. That way, you’re complementing each other, balancing out each other’s weaknesses and boosting the strengths.

Yes, having mixed beautiful children, of course. You and your partner can feel free to adopt the values that you would like from each of your backgrounds, allowing you to reflect on what you really deem important for your family life. That way, your children are not constrained to just one family of thought or one way of seeing the world.

Stalkers Like Online Dating Too

Online dating is a great way to meet an interracial partner from the UK or elsewhere, but there are also certain risks that everyone should take heed of. One of these risks is the risk of being stalked if you give too much personal information to the wrong person.

The Victims
Women are the most exposed to this type of activity. Oftentimes, stalkers find online dating sites to be an ideal hunting ground – the computer screen can be the perfect hiding place for people with emotional and perverted insecurities. Be aware that UK interracial dating sites, just like those based in any other country, can attract individuals with twisted racial views.

How It Happens
The stalker can present himself as a very intelligent and charming guy. An attractive, persuasive person who seems to be very interested in the other person, making her feel special until she fully earns her trust. The problems begin when the victim begins to feel that the contact with this person is becoming very “sticky” to the point of wanting to spend less time or leaving it.

Behind the mask of normalcy is usually an emotionally disturbed subject who may be suffering from a personality disorder. Fear of rejection and insecurity can lead him to perform strange behaviours such as following the other person, loitering around his house, sending unwanted emails and gifts, constantly calling, spreading malicious rumours, amongst others.

There are stalkers who are constantly looking for new victims and others who develop an obsession. In any of these cases, it is recommended that it be understood that they are people with mental disorders, so it is necessary to at least notify the dating site, if not the appropriate authorities.

Let the relationship flow and grow slowly, before getting to know each other personally.

When the time comes to meet with that person, ask them to meet in a public place and tell a couple of trusted people beforehand where you are going and how long you will take.

Remember that the most important thing is how you feel, listen to your intuition, if after the first encounter you feel uncomfortable, trust yourself.
Are there more dangers in dating sites than in offline life? We could not be sure, but it is clear that there are threats that lurk as in other places on the Internet. The facility to protect oneself in anonymity and create false profiles can attract those in search of adventures to potential criminals and actual felons.

It is not about being against online dating sites or demonizing them, for some people it works perfectly, but it is necessary to know the dangers that exist to take precautions from them and make the search of the ideal partner a pleasant experience.

In most cases, online dating sites are the perfect way to begin dating if you’re looking for an interracial relationship in the UK. Since there is less of a fear of rejection and more people that are looking for the exact same thing as you are, it’s a great way to improve your dating life and get everything that you want out of it. Online dating sites have many benefits, but it’s always good to stay safe when using them.

Pros and cons of black women white men dating

Every relationship has its set of pros and cons. Black women white men dating is no different. However, the race factor does make the pros and cons slightly different. The basis of any successful relationship is trust, and mutual respect no matter what the nature of the relationship is.  If you are someone who wants to be in an interracial relationship or are already in one, then this article will help you out.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to interracial dating. When you date someone, you want to spend as much time with them as possible. When you spend time with your partner, you discover things about them like their dislikes and likes, their strengths and weaknesses, their good and their bad. You also learn a lot about where they come from, what certain traditions mean to them and what values they hold close to their hearts. Learning these things in an interracial relationship will help you grow as a person.

Being in an interracial relationship also forces you to step out of your comfort zone. It can be a very scary thing to do but, it is definitely worth it in the end. When you are in a relationship with someone from a different race, you end up learning so much through them.  Slowly, but surely you will start to relax and be comfortable and it will become easier.

When a couple starts dating, they introduce their partner to their friends. It is no different for interracial relationships. If anything, it becomes more fun as you become friends and learn about more cultures and backgrounds.

Being able to raise mixed-children one day can be an amazing experience. Both of you guys will be able to mix your favorite traditions together and will teach your kids the best of both cultures.

The cons are few when compared to the pros but they can still create a big-enough rift in an interracial relationship. Being from completely different backgrounds and race can be a learning curve for many, and some aren’t able to overcome it. Many interracial relationships sadly end because being from different backgrounds was too big of a gap to fill for both parties involved. They succumb to pressure and find it easier to part ways.

Raising interracial kids is an experience that comes with the negative as well as the positive. The positive side of it has been mentioned above. The negative side is that it can leave kids feeling very confused. They do not know which culture to adopt and relate with.  It can be stressful for not only them but also for the parents as well.

Another con of being in biracial relationship is the language barrier. When one partner talks to their family or friends in another language, it always makes the other partner feel like they are being left out. It will definitely take a toll on the relationship and can certainly create friction if not paid attention to.

Knowing these triggers and being aware of small details can help you understand what the pros in your relationships are, and the cons. It will also help you figure out how to get rid of the cons and be in a healthy and fulfilling relationship

Interracial relationship: How to comfortably talk about finances


There are a few very popular quotes which say “money is the root of all evil” and “money cannot buy you happiness”. Although this can be true to a certain extent however, it is money which is at the centre of many interracial relationships falling apart due to the lack of it or different attitudes towards how it should be spent. Finances or money is a very sensitive subject which many couples are so scared to openly talk about. If you have a problem discussing money in your relationship, here are a few tips that will help get you talking

I.Have a full understanding about your own attitude towards money: The best time to start talking about money is when the relationship is in its early stages so that each person can get the general idea of their partner’s attitude when it comes to money. It is important to be perfectly clear about what your financial goals are both long as well as short term.  Your attitude towards things like spending habits and risk can be the building block to having a strong relationship which even money can’t break.

II.Don’t overwhelm, be open: When the relationship is in its early stages, you can really put someone off by asking about their finances in a manner which makes them feel like they are in an interrogation. Introduce the subject about money in a general way like asking how they would spend their money if they won the lottery. This is a very good way to get an indication of a person’s spending habits.

III.Picture the future together: When many interracial couples talk about money, they look at it as a way of deciding who will be paying what bills for example. The topic about money should be something that shouldn’t scare anyone, it should be looked at as an exciting way to bring black women white men or white women black men both closer and make plans on where it should be spent together.

IV.Remember to always keep your cool: No one is absolutely perfect when it comes to finances and there will come a time where one might come to their partner for advice if they have money problems or experiencing debt. It is important to note that when this happens, keep your cool and be non judgemental as well as objective. Yes your partner’s spending habit might put both of you in a hole and looking debt in the face can be something that is a bitter pill to swallow however, it is vital to acknowledge the guts it took your partner to open up to you. They pretty much will know even before you say anything that they have messed things up and confronting them aggressively will only make them become defensive instead of coming out clean about their financial woes. The way you deal with them when they open up can affect how they will speak to you about finances in the future. Majority of financial problems can easily be overcome by just speaking about the root of the problem and taking action as a couple.

4 challenges interracial couples face

Just like the average relationship in any part of the world, interracial couples have their fair share of challenges they have to deal with. The concept of dating someone of a different race who is different traditions, culture and even language might sounds exciting on paper but it can be like teaching a pig how to fly. Since different do exist, it can sometimes make couples feel like they are at a standstill instead of being romantic. Before anyone steps foot in the world of interracial dating, they need to educate themselves on some of the major challenges

  1. Family members

It is very easy for someone to look the other way and ignore what society have to say about their relationship however, family is a whole different matter and something that cannot simply be sidestepped because they have a much bigger influence and they play a massive role in the direction of the relationship. If there has been an interracial relationship in the family before, it will be much easier for them to embrace your new partner but if there hasn’t, it can be a bit tricky at the start. To make things easier, always get their option first, make sure that they accept the race your partner before you introduce them to family.

  1. Being discriminated

One has to understand that not everyone approves interracial dating and even if you are open-minded, you have to be realistic and be aware that there are members of society who are not as open-minded. You have to be prepared to deal with people sometimes thinking you are out of your mind dating outside your race. You have to be mentally strong to not let that affect and the decision to date outside your race is yours and yours alone.


  • Fetishism

This mainly applies to women where they have to deal with people thinking they are dating out their race to fulfil a fantasy and not love. Though not always true but this is something that a woman has to face because some people date out their race just to show off and it makes the concept and idea of interracial dating sound bad.

  1. Contrast in opinions

Everyone is a product of their environment and things like beliefs, experiences and traditions help shape a person to be who they are. Interracial dating on the other hand is something that makes you fall in love with someone who is completely different to you in terms of traditions, experiences and belief. This can lead to a clash in ideology and arguments if both sides choose to not overlook these points. Failure to overcome them can make the relationship very toxic and an unhappy one.

Seeing an interracial couple being happy and walking arm in arm with each other is a beautiful sight. If one chooses to overlook the four interracial dating challenges that have been highlighted in this article, they will have a fruitful relationship with their partner that will stand the test of time.