Interracial dating: How to deal with disapproval

Interracial dating: How to deal with disapproval

If you are in a loving interracial relationship, there is no denying that you love your partner to the moon and back but family as well as friends can disapprove with your choice. Friends can ask unpleasant question about your partner’s race, family can fear how children (if any) will be treated and the public sometimes staring as you walk side by side in the streets can be so to take it. Are they a few ways of dealing with disapproval when you are in an interracial relationship? The answer to that is yes and it all starts with communication and setting boundaries.

Speak with disapproving family and friends

If you decide to let the cat out the bag and tell your family and friends that you are in an interracial relationship and they express their views and opinion on it, do not be quick to judge them and label them deluded or ignorant, have a sensible dialogue with them to understand where their fears lie. Point out to them that it is not about colour but the person and a mixed raced couple can be just as loving and caring as any other couple. Opening doors of communication will make them highly likely to accept your love life because any misunderstanding will be cleared.

Set some boundaries with your friends and family

If you notice that your friends and family are trying to talk you out of the relationship, trying to set you up with someone of your own race, pretend your partner is not there or making them feel uncomfortable, it is time to put your foot down, set some rules and let them know that you are capable of making your own choices when it comes to love and if they do not like your partner, it is their problem. It is hurtful and wrong of them to have no respect for the person you are in love with. Telling your friends and family that you will attend any get togethers unless your partner is invited and sticking to your guns will let them know you are serious and will include your partner to avoid losing you.

Protect your lover

If you know or are aware of the fact that some of your friends and family members do or often make inappropriate racial remarks, protect your partner from them, they do not have to hear that at all. If your family and friends do not approve your interracial relationship it is wise to let your lover know but you don’t have to go into explicit details of what they think about their heritage.

Do not think the worst

When you are out in public with your partner and notice people looking, do not immediately assume that what they are thinking about both of you is bad or the disapprove, it could be they are looking because they find both of you attractive and actually applaud your relationship.




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