The Angry Black Woman Stereotype

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Our society has made us think that when we date a Black woman, we should be ready to dodge pots and pans thrown at us. The first thing that you hear about dating a Black woman is a hot-tempered woman who will break your car’s windshield and rip off your clothes if she catches you cheating. This stereotype has lingered for so long in America, Hollywood and Press has also gone a long way at promoting this negative stereotype. This brings us to the big question, are these assumptions correct? Certainly no, the whole angry black woman concept is a myth born out of public displays from a few black women.

I must admit some Black women have publicly displayed their anger, but just like every other stereotype, the actions of these few people should not be used to define every Black woman.

So if “angry black women” is a stereotype, who is a black woman? An average black woman is just like every other woman, she gets impressed, she gets irritated, and she gets angry, there’s nothing different about her. Here is what you should know about a Black woman.

She is Loving
A Black woman falls in love; she is loyal, committed, and meek. When a black woman falls in love, she gives her all. A Black woman is brought up to love and cherish her spouse; she gives more and expects less.

Heart Break Affects Her Severely
Because she loves sincerity, she can also be easily affected by heartbreak, she is very emotional and has a frugal heart. If you want to date a black woman, try not to break her heart.

African women are family-oriented, an average black woman wishes to have a life partner and give birth to kids that she can call her own. Her desire to have a family is most likely influenced by her environment or pressure from her family to set up her own home. If you are dating a Black woman, you should be ready to show commitment and let her know that the relationship has prospect, because when she sees you, she sees more than just a spouse but a life partner.

If you date a Black woman, except to be pampered, every Black woman knows how to take good care of her man, all she needs from you is for you to show commitment, and in return she is going to show you that she cares.

A Black woman is brought up to support her man, so she is more likely to give her support in any way that she can. If you are dating, a Black woman, expect both emotional and physical support from her.

If you are looking for a miss independent, start by dating a Black woman. Because she knows how to hustle and take care of her needs.

If you fall in love with a Black woman, it’s a good thing because you will have a chance to enjoy a whole new dating experience, there’s no angry Black woman, Black women are loving and caring.

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